Smart Business

Smart Business

SmartBusiness is India's Best Billing Solution for small and medium size businesses. It is an ideal solution for traders of any size and scale. SmartBusiness comes packed with features like Customized bill, SMS alerts and business analysis. SmartBusiness provides a platform where one can manage all aspects of his business activities under one centralized repository where Stock and accounts are integrated into the system there by reducing the need for redundant entries into other accounting packages. More over it comes bundled with Client Server Options as well as online transaction capabilities so that one is never out of sync with his business.

Salient Features

Customized Billing.

SMS Alerts for invoice as well as payment receipts .

Multi company creation and management .

Integrated Chart of Accounts.

P & L and Balance sheet.

Stock tracking item wise as well as batch no and expiry date wise.

Complete Party Accounts History

Generation of Periodical party statements for billing purposes.

Bulk SMS Facilities.

GST/CST Support.

Quarterly Tax Reports Generation.

Configurable Sales and Purchase Screen.

Rich set of sales analysis reports with item wise, group wise and party wise sales comparisons.

Monthly and Quarterly Sales Trends.

Debtors/Creditors List.

Sales/Purchase Return.

Auto Carry forward of balances..