In an era of cut throat competition staying ahead of competitors is a necessity. In order to reach out to customers faster, manufacturing and distribution should be in sync with marketing and sales which in turn are needed to be in co ordination with accounting and billing. With the implementation of ERP your whole organizatinon can move to a single unified IT platform which results in standardisation of information, better access to transaction level information , detailed analysis of business performance. Despite having all these benifits of ERPs the success rates of an ERP implementation are very low in the industry.

Most of the projects fall short of expectation, some because they were started with unreasonable goals, some because implementation objectives were not communicated to the implementors.

we at Codegen Technologies understand customer's needs and constraints and help you achive these objectives in a systematic and cost efficient way. our success rate in business applications is extremely high and our consultants deal with a variety of sectors in manufacturing as well as trading. So the experience of our team is diverse and in depth. Whatever your operational bottlenecks are we will have a solution for you.