The Concept

Paperless organization management system is a unique product from Codegen Technologies which helps companies go digital. All the information is managed in form of digital documents. Implementation of paperless office does not involve scanning and saving images in a database, it helps build an eco system where digitization of information is a norm. Documents flow through the organization seamlessly. Retrievals are faster and so is the collaboration. The product has HR solution integrated within the system and thus the access matrix is applied to users based on their position in the organization hierarchy. An active document can be tracked extensively so that its actual position can be known. An internal social networking and messenger application comes bundled so that employees can communicate with each other reducing the dependencies on external web based messenger so that valuable man hours are saved there by increasing the productivity.

Salient Features

High speed document upload using mass up loader.

Easy classification and retrieval of documents through extensive categorization of files and folders.

Support for all kind of media and non media files.

Sharing of documents through dMail and invites.

Conditional access of documents according to privilege matrix.

Stock tracking item wise as well as batch no and expiry date wise.

Configurable organizational structure to suit companies of every size and scale.

Instant messaging.

Integrated social networking solution

Documents workflow management for flow documents through the organization

Complete tracking of documents through document life cycle