Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing is an upcoming concept which is yet to be evolved in India in times to come. Companies have been set up with a goal to generate wealth for Indian consumers and provide the benefits of multi level marketing for network marketing personals. For MLM companies to survive and succeed and eye on profits and network growth is essential. The stakes are huge and the margin of error is zero. Codegen provides the state of the art solution for such companies. We understand your needs when it comes to launching a plan and making it successful. Our solutions support both binary and non binary marketing plans with flexible payout calculation modules. Our team of experts will deliver a quality solution with in a very short time span which is unmatchable any where in the country. Want to know more? Just give us a call and our representative will contact you so that you can make an informed decision.

Salient Features

Support for binary and non binary plans.

Customized payout calculation depending upon the needs of the organization.

Multi company creation and management.

Bulk SMS integration

Downline list.

Customer wise payout history.

Stock tracking item wise as well as batch no and expiry date wise.

Detailed reports of earnings and plan wise break down.

24 /7 Customer support.