HR and Payroll

HR and Payroll Management Application

HR and payroll management application is every organization's core computing needs. Gone are the days when the payroll calculation required only a small software package with salary statement generation and salary slips. Today's Organizations have evolved and along with them their corporate structures. Human resource management is complex and constantly evolving. Corporates need a solution which caters to all these requirements along with latest advances in web technologies. Our HR and payroll management application addresses these needs in the most comprehensive way.

Salient Features

Web based Architecture.

Salary Slips Generation.

Employee user accounts.

Automatic Income Tax Statements For employees.

Support for Regular as well as contract base work force.

Project Wise Billing for consulting organizations.

Form 16, BM 26, BM29 for Govt. Agencies.

RD and aRoll Support.

Paybill and Arrears suport.